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Week-end vert entre Toulouse et les Pyrénées

Less than an hour from Toulouse, come and recharge your batteries in Volvestre, where you can enjoy some uncomplicated social time with the locals and go wherever your fancy takes you! Breathtaking views, a rich cultural heritage, meandering waterways, winding roads and quality local produce... all this comes together to make an unforgettable countryside experience.

History has left many traces throughout Volvestre: for a journey back in time, discover the ancient bishopric of Rieux-Volvestre, the formerly walled town of Montesquieu-Volvestre, the plush houses of Carbonne and many other picturesque villages. Whether it is for a relaxing weekend or for a longer holiday in the countryside, many surprises await you along the way: Village gaulois (Gallic village), La Clairière aux insectes (insectarium), donkey trekking, water sports, stargazing, markets selling organic food and handicrafts… With the Pyrenees as a backdrop, you will find in Volvestre everything to satisfy an adventurous spirit.

The most energetic can go hiking, biking or paragliding and food lovers can get a taste of the local produce: honey, goat cheese, suckling calf, duck, foie gras… Art lovers and handicraft enthusiasts can  meet artists who will be happy to show them their paintings, jewelry or the way they work with stone, wood or ceramics. History and archeology enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the every day life of the Gauls or wander through medieval villages. For those who prefer a 100-per-cent relaxing cocooning weekend, there is a wide range to choose from: tree-houses, suspended tents, yurts, jacuzzis, saunas, hammams, massages, horse-drawn carriages…

Here you will find suggestions for walks, our special recommendations and truly unusual outings, as well as all the necessary details to plan your visit. See you soon!