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Via Garona: a big fiesta on the Manciès man-made lake on 6 July!

Surfing on the wave of the ‘Fête du Nautisme’ (Water Sports Festival, a national event held on 6 July), a big celebration will take place on and around the Manciès reservoir (the largest man-made lake in Haute-Garonne).

Mixing sports, games and culture, it will be spread over several different locations :

  • recreational and sporting activities on the Rieux-Volvestre and Carbonne water sports centres (trial sessions in sailing, rowing, fishing, etc)
  • a forum on the site of Les Jardins du Volvestre, in Salles-sur-Garonne, to chat, get informed and be entertained around themes such as tourism, agriculture, local low-impact ecological practices and the natural, cultural and environmental identity of the Garonne valley
  • an area dedicated to music, dance and other entertainment in the centre of Salles-sur-Garonne.

In the evening, there will be celebrations on both sides of the river :

  • in Rieux-Volvestre, a vin d’honneur followed by a concert at 7pm (Libertalia)
  • in Salles-sur-Garonne, a giant paella at 8pm (prior booking required) followed by a bal populaire at 10pm (live music by the Calicoba band).


You can do water sports on the Garonne all year long!

If you fancy sailing, rowing or canoeing at any time on the 5-mile-long Manciès reservoir, do not hesitate to contact the water sports club in Carbonne (www.cocnautisme.wordpress-hebergement.fr) or Rieux-Volvestre (www.usrvoileaviron.fr). Qualified instructors will greet you there, whether you are alone or with a group and whatever your level of expertise!