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What to do?

The best way to discover our rich heritage is to take a leisurely stroll: admire the cathedral and its treasury in Rieux-Volvestre, the sculptures in the Abbal museum in Carbonne, the church and its Girodet painting in Montesquieu-Volvestre, the extensive arcades in Saint-Sulpice sur Lèze, the organic market in Montbrun-Bocage, the Gallic village beside the river Garonne, the ‘pont du Diable’ (14th-century bridge), medieval remains, bastides (formerly-walled towns) and other picturesque villages…

Many delights await you: an observatory, intriguing gardens, donkey trekking, horse-drawn carriage rides, water sports as well as numerous art and craft workshops whose owners draw their inspiration from the inner beauty of the landscape. On the banks of the rivers Garonne, Arize, Lèze and Volp, you can fish and stroll to your heart's delight.

Whether on foot, horseback or bike, or simply to relax or take more strenuous exercise, you are invited to take your pick. You can discover at your own pace the diversity of the landscape, the lushness of the flora and the secret life of insects and birds. Hiking in our hills, you will find the panorama of the Pyrenees displayed before you, especially the Ariège peaks: Crabère, Maubermé, Mont-Vallier… You will also enjoy an unrestricted view over the Garonne valley and will catch sight of a silhouetted bell tower or mill when you least expect it.