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Where to eat?

At the farm, at the market, at the restaurant or at your table d'hôte, you will enjoy the abundance and the variety of our local produce. The Volvestre farmers and caterers know how to make the best of their land and livestock in order to offer quality produce all year round: fruit and vegetables (including many heirloom varieties), free-range duck, foie gras, eggs, suckling calf, beef, lamb, honey, propolis, nougat, unpasteurised cheese, yoghurt, apple juice, beer, wine…

Many Volvestre farmers practice either organic or sustainable agriculture. Some belong to ‘AMAP’ (community-supported agriculture) and it is worth dropping in to one of their farms to find out how this system works, others sell their produce only in the immediate area, at the local markets (Carbonne, Rieux-Volvestre, Montesquieu-Volvestre, Montbrun-Bocage).

You can tickle your taste buds at restaurants and tables d'hôtes, where you will discover the regional specialities or a cuisine mixing local and exotic produce. If you want to eat for under 10 euros, you will find a wide choice of fast-foods and take-aways: from the Reunion van to the pizza chalet, the London double-decker bus, the Asian take-away or even the best home-made ‘burger and chips’ from beneath the arcades of a formerly walled town.